5 Days of Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines banner

Have you ever wondered about the Spiritual Disciplines and wanted to give them a try? Or maybe you have practiced them in the past and would like to restart this part of your Spiritual journey. January is not the only time to think about new beginnings. As Advent and the Christmas season are upon us, what if we decided not only to prepare our homes but also prepare our hearts and minds?

Join me in the Spiritual Disciplines Challenge!
Every day for five days on my website mandyralph.com, I’ll offer teaching on one of the Spiritual Disciplines and a practical how-to challenge for that day. I would love if we could support one another through this challenge by posting in the comments section about what we discovered through these practices, things that were inspiring and challenging.

At the end, for those who posted every day and completed each challenge, I’m having a draw for a copy of Ruth Haley Barton’s book Sacred Rhythms to help one lucky participant on their continued journey!

Join us!


25 thoughts on “5 Days of Spiritual Disciplines

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    • It could work as a 5 week thing as well! It’s not too late for them to jump on board. But if they like, they can message me and I’ll help them adapt it for an external challenge.

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