Advent: A Journey in Readiness

I love the anticipation of Christmas
I love the music, the food,
the lights, the reds, greens, golds,
The frost and the slippers.

I can prepare and brood
and serve and shop.
I can get caught up in the totalness of it all.

And none of those are bad things.
But they’re not the best things.

This year my focus is going to be different.
I’m going to be ready.
I’m going to foster an eager longing in my heart,
a longing for the Second Coming of the Messiah.
A Messiah who will make all things new.
Who can renew my heart and direct my thoughts towards him.

I’m going to anticipate the coming.
I’m going to look inward so I can look upward.
I’m going to see the babe in the cradle
and see the coming of the Savior.

That’s the challenge to me this month.
I’m going to be journeying through Advent,
posting weekly writings based on the
attributes of the Messiah
as shown to the Prophet Isaiah.
I’d love you to join me for this 5 week series.
Every Thursday starting November 26.
I’d love if you’d journey with me.



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