Who am I and why this Blog?

My name is Mandy Ralph and I’m a woman of God, a speaker, blogger, Bible teacher, ministry partner to my Pastor husband,  a mom of three great kids. I love Scripture and the Church. I’m writing this blog to sort out what it means for me to be a Woman after God’s Heart, a Woman who fears the Lord and is worthy of his praise.

There are hard parts to that, some really funny parts (my kids are wonderful, unusual, and really really funny), and lots of joy. What I’m discovering most of all is that this journey with God takes me places that I’d never expect all while staying put in my own life.

This isn’t a blog that glosses over rough things or hates on the Church or Christians. This blog is about me and what I think it means to have God working in me through my gifts and failings. About what God desires for me as I work through his work on me. Really, this blog is about one woman, the One True God, and this journey he and I are on together.


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