Last Day of School Offerings

Today began with a bent for leather run to Walmart. When you wake up and remember that it’s the last day of school and your child has said they wanted to get their teacher a present, that’s what you do.
Because your child has a giving nature. Despite the bumps and ups and downs your child has had with their teacher, the frustrations and felt injustices, they still have the desire to give.
As I walked with my child, wrestling over a card that’s nice but not too mushy, settling on one that is a little tech-y (to represent who they are), and then on to the gift cards, ‘what does she like?’ ‘not that one, she doesn’t like coffee’, I was filled with weepy gratitude.
Despite rocky roads, his heart is still focussed on offering to another person.
As I drove him to school he wrestled with offering something most personal. A drawing done that morning. Was it not fancy and sparkly enough? Would she understand or think it was weird?
Would she understand the nature of the offering?
Because despite the rocky roads, his heart is still focussed on offering to another person. Offering the work of his hands and heart, this picture drawn with new pastels and textured with Lego board. This drawing that represents the joy of the last day of school.
Would she accept this offering as he intended it?
And he wrestled with her reaction.
‘Because she opens it up right then, Mom!’
I pray for him today. I pray for her reaction, that she will accept the gift of his insecure, giving, heart.
I pray that as Jesus accepted the anointing of oil from a woman who poured out her heart, his teacher will accept with grace and see with eyes of love that he’s offering who he is and what he has.
I pray that my heart will be as generous as his.
That my heart and my offerings will be poured out freely to those with whom I’ve shared a rocky road.
That when I accept the offerings of others, I don’t accept them grudgingly, or with the determination to teach a lesson. But with Grace.
As Others have accepted my offerings.
As Christ has accepted my meager offerings.
Because what my son taught my mother’s heart today is continual reconciliation through offering oneself.
That even when the relationship hasn’t been smooth, you finish with grace and care for the other person.
That a heart poured out in love anoints the other person with God’s grace.